Harry W. Nice

We left our little hideaway at Belmont Bay Harbor Marina, at 630am. The sun was out and almost intolerable by 8 or 9. We have a shade cover! We passed a sail boat that was using a sheet to shield their cockpit from the sun, I probably would have done the same. The wind wasn’t great, but as the afternoon approached, we learned a little bit about the river’s current. We were going about 3 knots with what we thought were decent winds, but the tide was in, so the current was against us. When the tide started to go out, we bumped up to almost 5 knots with no wind! I started to do some calculations of all the possible outcomes of these forces colliding, or working alongside. So many variables!

The tide was in our favor for the majority of our trip so we were able to traverse 34 miles in only 6 or 7 hours. Better than our last jaunt. We anchored at the mouth of Port Tobacco River. Crab pots everywhere! It made our anchoring a bit dicey, but also provided us many reference point while checking to see if our anchor was dragging. Our anchor is a bit over kill, but its worth it for a little boost of security. We have named it ‘the Beast.’

IMG_1739We dropped anchor outside of somebody’s breathtaking homestead, they didn’t seem to mind. It was about 150 degrees outside, so of course we took a dip. The water was even warmer than the air, so we got out pretty quick. Didn’t want to have an encounter with the Potomac River Toe Munchers.

The sunset was lovely,


the moon was also breathtaking.

Nothing really compares to waking up on the water. We both slept like mountains so we were ready for more south bounding! We anchored just in site of the 301 Harry Nice Bridge. Another day of motor sailing. No worries, we’ve got nothing but time. Not really, but I see no need to feel rushed when our 11 horse power engine putts along like a galapagos turtle. It has no agenda.

We slowly approached the steel archway.


The tide was in, so we poked along. The river opened up to over double its previous width. The horizon was clear and beautiful.

Had a little visit from the Range Patrol boat! How exciting!


Apparently, there is a section of the Potomac River that doubles as a firing range for the the Dahlgreen U.S. Naval Laboratory. We were right in the way of their scheduled firing. So off we scooted, hugging the edge of the shoal markers on the east side of the river.

I tidied up the boat and took some pictures of her quarters

Not long after, the wind picked up, to my absolute elation. But then I looked to the starboard side and saw this


which I promised looked much more daunting in person. We finally had wind! But it was too much, so down the main went, to its little handkerchief configuration.  We anxiously motor sailed around the long western shoal of Cobb Island. We were just in time to tie up to Shymansky’s dock before the endless rains came.  Cobb Island is on the Maryland side, but, given its northern location, its pretty remote. There isn’t even a bank here. It has the isolated island feel and I love it for that.



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  1. Excellent! Before I could even request more photos, here they are. I like that over the course of a few days, you found some extra language, pulled some choice words, and elevated your blog. I find myself checking at work, while I stand in the unrelentless sun, but without even warm water to dive into. You two are inspiring me. Look forward to the next chapter of the story…..

  2. You guys are rocking it!! Saying safe and sound! Way to go!

  3. Great blog I enjoyed readingg

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