About Us

cropped-cropped-frog-logs2.jpgMy husband, Adam Blake and I, Olivia de Soria, began our journeys on the water when we came into the unexpected possession of a loveably old and neglected sailboat. My father gifted us this 28 foot Newport that was gifted to him as a kind of an ‘after market thanks’ for a favor to a friend. At first glance, the boat wasn’t much more than a halfway house for all species of spiders. But after spending 3 years fixing her most vital parts, and not to mention learning how to sail, something we knew nothing about, we got her ICW (Inter-coastal waterway) legs up and ready. We split our time between the boat and our home and businesses in Asheville, NC. We very slowly made our way southbound from Virginia to North Carolina along the ICW, and some where along the way, we added a little nugget to our family unit. After putting our precious new cargo on our rickety old boat for just one little sail, we quickly decided that The Frog just wouldn’t do for the 3 of us. We needed an upgrade. We are now the proud owners of a 38 foot 2000 Leopard catamaran, with one 2 year old, and another little nugget on the way. We are still learning to sail, and slowly dipping our toes into the waters of boat life before jumping in entirely. We are lucky enough to both have flexible schedules, I being a self employed metalsmith (www.oliviadesoria.com) and Adam, the owner of a gutter cleaning company (www.ashevilleguttercleaning.com). We split our time between our businesses and our adventures. We haven’t made the plunge yet, but soon we hope to be on the water full time. For now we will embrace the boat life in spurts, slowly acclimating ourselves to a future on the water, headed towards a nomadic life. Destination: clear blue waters of the tropics.