• Yasuni: A Little Bit Trapped in the Jungle, Part 2.

    Yasuni: A Little Bit Trapped in the Jungle, Part 2.

    After being delivered the news that our way out of the jungle was in fact, closed, I sat back and tried to enjoy my ‘extended stay’ in Ecuador’s Amazon Basin at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station. “The roads are still closed, and the Waorani protestors are not going to grant us access.” This foreboding news was… Read more

  • (just a little bit) Trapped in the Jungle at Yasuni

    (just a little bit) Trapped in the Jungle at Yasuni

    My supervisor sat down next to me with the unmistakable look of someone bearing bad news. Yellow Bellied Spider Monkeys soared overhead on their monkey highway in the sky towards ripened fruit. The sun was setting and the sounds of the jungle started to come alive. “The protests have escalated and the roads are still… Read more

  • Accidental Canyon Crossing at Potash

    Accidental Canyon Crossing at Potash

    “Scenic Byway U-279.” I glanced over at the unassuming green road sign intersecting Utah’s stark horizon line underneath an ocean of blue. I had the urge to scoop out the sapphire sky with a spoon and eat it like jello. “Hey, let’s see what’s down that road,” I said to my husband. It was a… Read more

  • Kidnapped by a Mexican Horse

    Kidnapped by a Mexican Horse

    We walked through the border patrol office, and began our spontaneous crossing from Texas to Mexico. I carried our 4 year old Emilia on my back, and we put our 1 ½ year old Pepper in the baby backpack with Adam, my husband. “It’s really muddy out there,” the officials warned us. But they didn’t… Read more

  • Mexico.


    Yep. I am writing this from a little waterside bar in Isla Mujeres Mexico. A bit of a curve ball, but spontaneity goes well with the sport. We met Nate and Maryam during “happy hour” at the boot key harbor tiki hut. Emilia was playing with her friends with all the bean bags for corn hole… Read more

  • Boot Key Harbor

    Boot Key Harbor

    We have arrived! From the day that we came into possession of our first boat, the Frog, our vision was to get her (or some other lucky girl) south to clear water. 7 years ago we took a trip to the Florida Keys by car, and stayed at a cheap-as-hell air b and b in… Read more

  • Welcome to Miami.

    Welcome to Miami.

    My how time flies when- You thought I was going to say: “when you’re having fun” didn’t you? Well, in reality it flies when you have kids. With kids, time soars like an eagle. I literally can’t believe it’s been over a month since we started this journey.  I was going to title this post… Read more

  • Cape Lookout

    Cape Lookout

    We didn’t waste any time in getting moving again! Our friend Paul showed up the same evening that Stan left. We had big plans to leave early the following morning from Oriental to Cape Lookout. The Beaufort Inlet can be a nasty beast, and we were a little worried what the trip might look like… Read more