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  1. Hi Olivia, Great story and adventure tales. I wish I could help with your good question of heaving to, anchoring or motoring on in a storm. Tides and depth are probably important. I’ll link you to Rod, our sailing tour guide.
    Fair sailing,

    1. You are both intelligent, adept and cautious. You are both quite studious in your approach to solving problems.You are both analytical and can figure most of what would stunt others. Coupled with this, you both are endowed with superb manual dexterity! This vessel will only meld you further together. And while I -like most people- have a hint of jealousy for you undertaking the adventure, it truly fill my heart with pride… And, I know, in no time, you be sailing the islands!

  2. Is she the frog or the log? Probably both—leaping off the swells in fair winds, and sitting like a log in calms.

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