Welcome to Miami.

My how time flies when- You thought I was going to say: “when you’re having fun” didn’t you? Well, in reality it flies when you have kids. With kids, time soars like an eagle. I literally can’t believe it’s been over a month since we started this journey.  I was going to title this post […]

The Ice Man Cometh

After months of meticulous planning and unraveling of events we planned and unplanned and planned again, and finally headed south. No matter how we dice it, the only thing we really have control over is our direction. And as beautiful as Maine must be in the winter; I choose south. My ideal picture of how […]

Runaway Dinghy

We have been back home for a month or so now, and as much as I thought I was ready for it and even longed for it, I am already fighting the sedentary restlessness that is bearing down on me. I figure, if I can’t be on the boat right now, I can at least […]

Cape Lookout

We didn’t waste any time in getting moving again! Our friend Paul showed up the same evening that Stan left. We had big plans to leave early the following morning from Oriental to Cape Lookout. The Beaufort Inlet can be a nasty beast, and we were a little worried what the trip might look like […]

Dolphin Party

The next day we pulled anchor and motored north, off to explore more of Georgia’s luscious and steamy waterways. The ICW really doesn’t have much in the way of sailing. We will raise the sails a few more times I’m sure, but the ditch is so narrow I will be surprised if we get to […]

Headed North

Telemar Bay to Oriental NC is somewhere around 800 miles on the ICW. For a variety of reasons, we decided to stay inside for this trip. We have our two and a half year old Emilia with us. I was much more comfortable making this first trip with her on the ICW, even though it […]

So, this happened:

Well, change of plans. As much as we love our busted old boat, the 28 foot Newport lovingly known as the frog, we decided to move on to a more family friendly and dependable boat. It was just too much having Emilia on board and wondering when the motor would quit or the chain plates […]