Cape Lookout

We left Oriental the following day, heavy with remorse as we watched my sister and her kids wave us out of the marina. I cannot WAIT to get them all back on the frog. Even Sophia, with all her life jacket hating fury! We were less disparaged to leave Oriental, or, Cakilakistan, as our friend […]

The Nasty Neuse

  Our last night at Bell Haven was christened under a fire lit sky. We had some welcome visitors share their sailing stories on our boat. We first saw them docking their catamaran yacht at what I would have described as ramming speed. They had some amazing faith in their transmission, which stopped their boat […]

The Beast

Among our preparations for the highly anticipated Albemarle Sound crossing were some safety protocols initiated by Adam. I was impressed by his pre cautious endeavors as he isn’t generally very safety conscious when it comes to disastrous foresight; that is usually my department. Some might say he went a little over board, (in the effort […]

Banana Suits

Our arrival in Norfolk was immediately followed by lots and lots of rain. It didn’t help our moods any that we had to see our friend Braden off the following morning. Wish you were here, Braden! After a much needed west-marine stop, we suited up for some rainy repairs. Needless to say Adam and I […]


Exactly one year to the day, and we are on our way again! We are going south! We don’t know where, but we have given ourselves one month to get there. We will see how much we can put up with in the meantime. If all goes well, we may make it as far as […]

Chesapeake Bay Spanking

We woke up at 530 and made some eggs and coffee by the light of our amazing solar powered LUCI lights. We have a working galley with two burners on it, but we ran out of propane. So we have this back up camp stove that we are using temporarily. The sunrise was calm and inviting […]

Hove To and Towed Away

Cobb Island was a nice juncture, but we had ants in our pants so we continued south at 7am. The sky was menacing, but the weather report was promising. Wind! There was wind in the forecast! There were also maybe a few showers, but only a 15% chance, and no thunderstorms before 1pm. We decided to […]

Harry W. Nice

We left our little hideaway at Belmont Bay Harbor Marina, at 630am. The sun was out and almost intolerable by 8 or 9. We have a shade cover! We passed a sail boat that was using a sheet to shield their cockpit from the sun, I probably would have done the same. The wind wasn’t […]